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Japaan Shoe Factory, Agra

Footwear, Shoes, Components& Accessories
  • Kind of Business    Shoe & Footwear > Footwear, Shoes, Components& Accessories
  • Established    2003
  • Contact Person    Muhammad Tariq Ali
  • Designation    Proprietor
  • Address    8, Mini Gulmohar Enclave ,Shaheed Nagar,Near Ambedkar Park
  • City    Agra
  • State    Uttar Pradesh
  • Phone    05624001925
  • Fax    05624001925

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About Japaan Shoe Factory

A Warmest Introduction Of Japaan Shoe Factory Before 10 Years A New Era Of Shoe Making Was Born With The Name Of Japaan Shoe Factory. We Are Proud To Say That We Have Been Making All Kinds Of Shoes Which Can Fulfill All The Requirements Of Our Customers. Japaan Shoe Factory Is A Firm That Serving In The Field Of Manufacturing And Exporting Of All Kinds Of Army Boots, Safety Shoes, Police Shoes, Formal Shoes, Casual Shoes, Derby Shoes, Ncc Derby, Oxford Etc. Our Specialization In Making Of Ankle Boots, High Ankle Boots, Jungle Boots, Desert Boots,Ammunition Boots,Water Proof Cloth Boots,Paratroopers Boots,Long Boots,Ammunition Boots,Drill Boots,Combat Boots,Safety Shoe,Safety Boots,Safety Shoes In Dms Sole,Safety Shoes In Pu Sole,Oxford Shoes For Officers,Non-Slip Shoes,Derby Shoes,(National Cadet Corps) Ncc Derby,Formal Shoes,Sports Shoes,Casual Shoes,Sandals,Cloth Gloves,Leather Gloves And Many Footwears Which Are Needed By Civil Persons And All The Departments Of Army Like Bsf,Navy, Air Force And All The Departments Of Police.. We Sell- Safety Boots ,Safety Shoes ,Ankle Boots,High Ankle Boots,Combat Boots,Jungle Boots,Desert Boots ,Long Boots,Leather Sole Boots,Ammunition Boots ,Drill Boots,Paratroopers Boots,Knee Boots,Half Boots,Formal Shoes,Casual Shoes,Derby Shoes ,Ncc Derby,Oxford,Non Slip ,Sandals, Gum Boots ,Canvas Shoes,Goodyear Welted Shoes,Cloth Gloves,Leather Gloves,Police Shoes Etc… Our Experience I Want To Aware Everyone That Before 10 Years M/S Japaan Shoe Factory Was A Young Child But Today We Have Learnt That How To Impress And Satisfy Our Customer With Our Quality,With Our Factory Facilities,With Our Quality Process,With Our Quality Control Staff,With Our R&D Team.I Want To Aware Everyone That We Have Got A 35 Years Experience In Making All Kinds Of Shoe.We Got Registered Our Firm In 2003 But We Have Been Making Shoes For 35 Years.We Were Working With A Firm Jordan Shoe Factory But In 2003 We Got Registered A Firm Name Japaan Shoe Factory. Before 10 Years /S Japaan Shoe Factory Was A Child But Today Japaan Shoe Factory Has Grown Up.It Has Got All The Abilities, All The Faclities To Make A High Quality Shoe. We Have Got A Wide Experience In Making Of All Kinds Of Shoes.We Started Our Firm With Making Only Army And Safety Shoe But Before 2 Years We Also Started To Make Formal Shoes, Casual Shoes And All Kinds Of Fancy Shoe From Low To High Range.Japaan Shoe Factory Is A Firm That Makes Shoe For Every Kind Of Person.We Make Shoes From Low To High Range.We Make Shoes For All Kinds Of People. We Have Been Manufacturing And Exporting Footwears For A Long Time.Our Firm Has Learnt Everything About Shoe Making Process.We Have Been Making Shoes For Long A Period But Still Today We Do Not Have Any Big Complaint In Any Our Product.Every Person In Japaan Shoe Factory Takes A Special Care Of Our Product.We Never Let Down Our Customer.We Always Welcome Feedbacks From Our Customer And We Always Try To Learn With The Help These Feedbacks. Quality Policy We Assure Superior And Quality Products Through Strength Production Procedures Personals In Our Factory Are Capable To Give The Quality Products. We Produce And Supply The Store With Such Good Quality To Meet The Requite Expectations And Need Of The Consumers And Always Seek To Be Classified As Class 1 By Our Purchasers/Buyers/Users, That Is Why A Good Quality Products Enjoys A Good Reputation Among The Users. We Always Focus On Superior And Excellent Quality To Keep Our Customers Satisfied And We Strictly Abide By The Principle Of Quality First And With A Such Vast Experience In Field Of The Manufacturing Of The Footwears Such As Safety Shoes, Safety Boots Specially For Defense, Para-Military Forces And Central/State Govt. Departments And Industrial Sector.We Believe In Making Quality According To Our Customers And Their Expectations. We Have 3 Persons To Control Our Quality. In The Great Opinion Of Japaan Shoe Factory That We Must Provide Our Customer Our Best Product.We Want To Satisfy Our Customer With All The Way From Our End.In Japaan Shoe Factory Every Person Is Committed To Give Higher Quality And Full Respect To Our Customer.We Provide Full Co-Operation To Our All Customer.We Never Break Our Promise. We Always Work Openly And We Never Ever Hide Anything From Our Customer.We Give Full Detail To Our Customer. We Always Work According The Price Which Is Paid By Our Customer.

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