Consultancy Service
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Consultancy Service, Pondicherry

  • Kind of Business    Services > Numerologist
  • Established    1990
  • Contact Person    Pakszhi T. Venougobalane (Consultant)
  • Address    No.6, /V.O.C Street,Pondicherry 605011 Pondicherry
  • City    Pondicherry
  • State    Pondicherry
  • Phone    0413 2211667

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About Consultancy Service

I, Pakszhi T. Venougobalane, practicing as a consultant Numerologist and after thorough research in this science, I invented a new system called Advanced Auric Numerology (AAN®) an advanced approach in this subject. I practice this art by self learning and through conducting various probing methods of combining and interpreting an individual's Name and his/her energy field (Aura) together. I analyzed so far more than 10,000 human Names by AAN method in my 18 years of experiences. Now I had been

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