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Wahid Marketing

PVC Pipe
  • Kind of Business    Construction & Real Estate > PVC Pipe
  • Contact Person    Wahid Marketing
  • Address    Wahid Towers, 237,H.N-1397,Tawakkal Layout, Near Pooja Kata, Katol by-Pass, Wadi, Waddhamna
  • City    Nagpur
  • State    Maharashtra
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About the Firm

Wahid Marketing is known for its exceptional services in plumbing and UPVC, CPVC, SWR pipes fittings. With “Plumbing under one roof” as their motto, they’ve been providing quality plumbing solutions to their customers for 32 years. They have their expertise in all sorts of commercial and domestic installations. It’s a one-stop destination for all types of sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and kitchen faucets. Wahid Marketing is the sole hardware distributors of various services and accessories relating to plumbing. Adding to this, they are one of the most prominent pipe distributors who offer a wide variety of pipes and every kind of installation.