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Kappa Premium Telecom, New Delhi

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About Kappa Premium Telecom

Welcome to Kappa Premium Telecom.We provide International Premium Rate numbers to our clients who can use it for billing purposes as well as providing various services in countries where domestic premium rate numbers do not exist or are at rudimentary stage of development. IPRN(International Premium Rate Numbers) is one of the world’s largest and well established independent agency networks.IPRN offers immediate billing and real time confirmation of the payment process. Due to payment speed, the IPRN are widely used for payments occurring on the internet or mobile devices. International premium rate numbers are a way to charge customers for a lot of different services. IPRN allow callers from all over the world to access information and other services provided by a content provider. For these calls, callers are charged a premium rate. IPRN can be used for voice and data services, voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, horoscopes, entertainment and much more. Generally IPRN is a value added services product comparable to a national premium rate number. The great difference is that this product can be sold internationally and used in countries where value added service numbers are not available.A Premium Rate Number, is a phone number which usually sustain a higher caller cost than a regular landline or fixed number. https://www.kappapremiumtelecom.com/

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