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Brow Art Studio, New Delhi

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  • Contact Person    Bella K Smith
  • Address    890, chiranjeev tower-43 Nehru place 110019
  • City    New Delhi
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About Brow Art Studio

The non-surgical procedure also known as micro-pigmentation is natural permanent makeup is performed at Browart Studio. The process mentioned above of implanting color under the skin that stays cool and looks natural when it heals. The organic transparent inks for most natural look possible. The colors used are MRI safe, reflect light and have a soft appearance that blend beautifully. Hence different artist are using different techniques to make you look more beautiful, attractive by getting Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore. It really takes an artist eye to understand the face be able to place features in right direction. Match the color with your skin type, texture and hair coloring. It is always best to choose artist with experience in advanced procedures to insure proper placement, decoration, color choices and adjustments if needed. Permanent makeup has to be layered on a couple of times to create desired output. Many a times after the month permanent makeup is healed in most cases and color and placement can be assessed. On the next visit color, shape, Eyebrow Extension in Singapore if needed will be adjusted as per your requirement. Eyebrows are created using pigments to fill in sparse brows making them appear fuller, thicker, more natural with embroidery. With variety of styles, different taste each other clients have choices how natural, dramatic they would look like during their consultation. Look for artist who uses permanent makeup pen that is scaled down for face, delivering more precise placement. The various stylish, designer and tools of choice for softer more natural giving you more natural look more enhancements, personality. The whole idea of getting eyebrow embroidery is to add new features, stay cool, soft and original when it heals for years to come giving appearance of youthfulness and adding distinction beauty to your face.

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