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New Hydraulic Bulldozer for Sale

Hbxg dozer functions like hydraulic dozers through their feature of pilot joystick hydraulic control and hydraulic direct drive motors.

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Our company offers high quality products at reliable prices along with quick delivery and 24x7 after-sale service.  We have latest technology and highly efficient HBXG Bulldozers for sale. These heavy machines can be put to use in construction, mining and earth moving projects. With powerful Cummins engine these elevated sprocket machines are known for their endurance on field.

Main configuration:

More powerful engines, better tracks, more reliable drive tracks, raised cabins and instead of the usual cable operations, hydraulic arms were some of the important improvements included in the bulldozer development. More precise blade manipulation was made possible by hydraulic systems.
Transmission - Planetary, power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.
Steering clutch - The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch.
Braking clutch - The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulic, meshed type.
Final drive - The final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism, splash lubrication.
Torque converter - Torque converter.

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