Automatic Gate Opening System Kerala


Home entrance gates keeps you safe by creating a sense of belonging rather feeling as isolated.

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The Automatic Gate Opening System Kerala also creates a sense of safety especially when you have kids or pets around. Our superior DeLUX UniGate, a folding automatic gate keep your dream intact by acting as a primary protective shield to your home. It prevents people snooping when they pass-by or even when burglar tries to break-in. The safety mechanism offered by us comes with quality assurance and varied designs with customizable options at best competitive price.


With the increase in demand for highly secured home entrance gates we come up with DeLUX UniGate which is patented and made in Malaysia. These gates are designed following international standards and latest technologies which surpasses customer satisfaction. The tracklessAutomatic Gate Opening System Kerala have been designed in such a way that it doesn’t use tracks or rollers and glides smoothly with no screeching sound. The texture of these gates is covered with hard powder coated which has the ability to withstand any harsh environmental conditions.        

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