Eco Soft Water Conditioner for Home

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Domestic Water Softener

Alkara Water softener conditioners make your hard water into soft and crystal clear without salts. Makes your hair and skin smooth and shiny prevents hair fall and skin itchy problems. One of the most reliable innovations by Alkara water Softener Equipments. Alkara water soft conditioner prevents lime scale formation and removes existing scale, effectively eliminates lime scale and corrosion problems from pipes and plumbing fixtures. Protects home appliances and avoids frequent repairs saves money from electricity and service bills.



Low cost 

No electricity 

No water wastage 

Eco friendly 

No salts no harmful chemicals 

No maintenance required

Unlimited water ,easy to install


ALKARA water conditioner with GERMAN Technology gives best solution to the problems of hard water and drinking water.


ALKARA presenting you Domestic, Commercial, Irrigation and Industrial and drinking water solutions. ALKARA technical experts visit your place and give you the right inputs which suits your water needs whether it is commercial or residential.



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