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However, when we entered into the 21st century, with the emergence of internet as the prime source of business deals, all business transactions occur through online. Hence, there should be an obvious change in business card also. It is highly surprising that even if our monetary transaction happens online, we still shy away from making the business cards digital. Though there were attempts made to make it so, there were practical lacuna in each. Here comes the gravity of Cardaap, a modern app for creating and exchanging business cards.


The concept of digital business cards helps in exchanging your cards from anywhere across the world. You do not have to keep a physical card folder for keeping them, or do not have to worry about the cards you have misplaced or lost. With traditional cards, it is practically difficult to exchange cards to everyone once you shift your location. But, with Cardaap, you just have to edit the new address and information, which gets automatically updated. Moreover, it is environment friendly.