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Look Gorgeous on UR Big Wedding day Once in a Life Time,

We R  here to make you aware of rich Glamorous Bridal Grooming attractive makeovers.

*Get Geled with makeup to make U R Look TraditionalModrate

*Water proof Sweat proof Makeovers

* Instant face glow.

*Glozzy $ Matty looks for light,night,jazzy,smoky gala MakeOvers.

*An art of define MakeOver to look attractive.

*A unique Makeover very different from Beauty Parlours.

*Pooja Gupta MakeOver artist, "Hands which makes you looks                Gorgeous"

*we provide service @ your venue on perior appointment.

*we offer exculsive Bridal MakeOver packages,

*Ask for Trial MakeUps of different type which will make U look the Best,      

 For more Details info & bookings call Pooja Gupta MakeUp artist & Grooming Consultant Bangalore ph 9845097890 also E-mail                                             [email protected]           

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