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Flat & Satchel type Paper Bag Machine with online Flexoprinting Machine *Multiwall Sack Kraft Paper Tuber Machine with online Flexoprinter

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Flat & Satchel Type Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bag Making Machine Is Designed to manufacture Flat And Satchel Paper Bags From Kraft Paper, Greaseproof, White Paper And Poster Paper Etc.  Grocery, Dry Cleaners, etc. 

          .MODEL RI – I (BIG SIZE) Paper  BagMachine complete with 3 H.P. D.C. Thyristor Drive and Panel & complete with online 2 Colour Flexo Printing Machine and other accessories, capable of producing Flat Bag sizes Minimum : 5”x 8” and Maximum : 16”x 21”, a set of Plate will be supplied alongwith the machine to produce Satchel type Bags. The Machine is well finished by providing covers made of Powder-Coated thick MS Sheet, Digital Counter Meter etc.


2.MODEL  RI – II ( SMALL SIZE) Paper Bag Machine complete with  2H.P  D.C. Drive Motor with 2 Colour Flexo-Printing attachment and capable of producing Minimum 3”x 8” and 10”x 14”. Other features are alike as mentioned in the item no.1
Production Capacity : 45000 to 50000 Pcs. per 8 Hours shift on 30 Gsm to 100 Gsm Paper. . Machine is also capable to produce plain Paper Bags as well as Satchel type Paper Bags (Gusseted).


Multiwall Flash-cut Paper Tuber Machine with online Flexo printer

a) Machine Length        : 48 ft.

b) Machine Width         : 7 ft.

c) Machine Height         : 9 ft.

d) Working Width         : 5 ft.

e) Production Speed      : 40 to 50 Pcs. Tube per Minute +_ 5% (approx)

f) Finished Tube Size

i) Length              Minimum : 510 mm

                           Maximum : 1370 mm

ii) Width :             Minimum : 300 mm

                          Maximum : 720 mm

iii) Gusset Size  :  a)Minimum 50 mm

                         b)Maximum 200 mm

g) No. of Ply                      : 1 to 6 Ply

h) Paper Deckle Length : Minimum 625 mm


                                     Maximum 1465 mm

 Paper Reel Dia       : Minimum 100 mm

                                     Maximum 1250 mm

j) Maximum Reel Weight  : 1.5 M.T.

k) Motor    :5 H.P. D.C. Drive Motor with Control Panel



The construction of machine is robust and fabricated from 60

mm. thick Cast Iron.

Unwinding sections

by C.I. Casting and mechanical Brakes.

DANCING ROLLERS made out of Seamless M.S. Pipes of 90mm. Dia. 

Stainless M.S. Tank of 25 kgs. capacity for Gluing is provided in a Seam Pasting Section. 

A Tube Forming Table with Gusseting System will be provided.

The Npping Section will be equipped with required nos.of synthetic Rubber Rollers.

A Cutter Section will be provided 

A Lifting Table will be provided for the stacking of Paper tubes

The Machine can produce 25kgs, 50kgs Paper Bags after Bottom Pasting or Stiching.



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