Vanilla Muffin Premix

Vanilla Muffin Premix

We are the manufacturer of Vanilla Muffin Premix, we are also the leading supplier & exporter of Vanilla Muffin Premix in India. Buy Vanilla Muffin Premix now.

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Swiss Bake Vanilla Crème Muffin Mixes are easy to use complete mixes for making rich, soft and dense American style muffins and cup cakes. This is a versatile mix that gives you both convenience and consistency in preparing a variety of muffins of your own style.

 This muffin mix has been formulated to meet the evolving need of the market and delivers consistent result every time you bake. It is simple to use, by just changing the amount of water/oil and using additional ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips etc. you can create a wide variety of muffins that appeal to a range of customers.

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