Bench drilling machine

Bench drilling machine

Bench type drilling machine is normally used for doing lighter jobs in steel and cast iron also soft material jobs like aluminium, brass, wood, plastic etc.

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The drilling capacity of this sensitive drilling machine is 13mm in steel with spindle stroke of 87mm. The column is 625mm in length and diameter 47mm. Bench drilling machine or small /mini drill machine provides table working surface as 200mm round and base working surface of 175×175 mm. The distance from column to centre of spindle is 150mm. The Bench drill Press is made from carefully selected steel and is fixed on bench and therefore suitably mounted on small workstations or ‘addas’. Three holes provided on the bottom are used for fixing the Mini drill machine on workstation and operator normally works in the standing position. These Mini drilling machines are available in two models ‘chuck type’ and ‘socket type’. In chuck type, Jacob type drill chuck is used which can hold range of drilling tools. In socket type drilling tools are used directly or Jacob type drill chuck is inserted in it which can be used for small jobs. The pillar of this Electric drill machine is turned and grinded between centers on cylindrical grinding machine which is the most precise way of doing it.

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