Head hair transplant

Hair Transplant for Pattern Baldness

Walia Hospital Ludhiana is one of best Hair Transplant Clinics in India that specialized in Hair Transplantation, Hair cosmetic surgeries, PRP Therapy & Laser Therapy

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Walia Hospital located at 33 B Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana is one of the topmost Hair Transplant Clinics in India specialized in Hair Transplantation, Hair Cosmetic Surgeries, PRP Therapy & Laser Therapy. The Hair Transplant Clinic provides discount offer on Hair Transplant Cost. If you experience hair loss then it is the best hospital to visit, consult your hair loss free of cost, and get a permanent solution to it. The current Hair Graft Cost runs around 50 INR for hair transplant treatment on head at the clinic. Dr. D. S. Walia, the owner & Hair Transplant Doctor, transplants hairs, sets hairlines, and helps re-growing hairstyles on head/face with beautiful appearance. He also provides PRP Therapy, Laser Therapy to his clients, who experience hair loss, if needed. His PRP therapy accelerates hair growth of transplanted hairs by him.  

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