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Ellenbarrie Industrial gases is a leading Hydrogen gas supplier in India and also is a major Helium gas supplier in India. For any requirements of your Industrial gases contact us at www.ellenbarrie.com or call 8337044559

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Hydrogen as a gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless. The Hydrogen content of atmospheric air at sea level is 0.5 ppm. It is the lightest of all elements and will rise in a confined space and displace Oxygen to create Oxygen deficient or an explosive atmosphere.

Hydrogen is a flammable gas and will burn in air with a pale blue flame that is almost invisible in well lighted areas. A single volume of liquid Hydrogen expands to about 850 volumes of gas at standard temperature and pressure when vaporized. At 7,000 ft elevation, this expansion rate is increased to approximately 1,000 volumes of gas at standard temperature.

Concentrations of Hydrogen in air between 4% and 75% by volume can be easily ignited by a low energy spark which is as small as 20 micro joules. Smoking, open flames, spark producing equipment are prohibited in areas where Hydrogen is stored, handled or used.

Hydrogen is able to reduce the performance of some containment and piping materials, such as carbon steel. Because of its small molecular size, Hydrogen can easily pass through porous materials and is capable of being absorbed by some containment materials, which can result in loss of ductility or embrittlement. At elevated temperatures, this process is accelerated because of the possibility of Hydrogen embrittlement of some materials, piping and component materials that are not subject to this form of degradation should be selected. Recommended materials include 300-series stainless steels, copper, and brass.


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