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College Campus Magazine

The College Magazine Committee invites contributions from students, non-teaching staff and teaching staff for our coll

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This issue of Comment explores the possibilities and challenges of college life, with an emphasis on the big questions of life. Comment is committed to cultivating the next generation of cultural leaders. It is, indeed, in the college years that most people make the decisions that  will  guide  them  as  they  provide  leadership  throughout their adult years.

The  College  Magazine  Committee  invites contributions  from  students,  non-teaching  staff  and teaching  staff  for  our  college  magazine.  Contributions can  be  short  stories,  articles,  photo  essays,  poems,  experiences  and  academic  papers.  They  should  be  in English.  Plagiarism  (copying  material)  will  disqualify contributions.  No  contribution  must  be  more  than  a maximum of 3000 words. Please submit by emailing to [email protected] college magazine, College Campus Magazine is published which is a truly literary & creative document of the talents of our students & teachers. The Magazine committee is composed of the student editor, sub editors & staff advisors. It also provides a panoramic view of the cultural, academic, sports and literary activities & achievements of the college during that respective academic year. all decisions concerning the  content  of  the  magazine.  In  selecting  content,  the  editor works in consultation with the staff and with other members of the College community with several factors 
in mind, including:
•  a  commitment  to  offering  readers  a  mix  of  news  wo thy, engaging, and thought-provoking articles about the College and its people;
•  a  respect  and  concern  for  the  institution’s  history, mision and values;
•  a  commitment  to  provide  balanced  and  timely coverage of issues;
•  a concern for maintaining the institution’s commitment to open discourse;
•  a  commitment  to  diversity  of  interest,  opinion  and representation; and
•  a  concern  for  readability  and  attractiveness  of presentation.
The  editor  welcomes  suggestions  concerning content but can make no assurances regarding the use of  suggested  or  provided  material.  Although  no  single issue of the magazine can fully reflect the diversity of the College and its family, the editor will make every effort to represent, over the course of time, the great diversity of  interest,  opinion,  and  background  inherent  in  the magazine’s readership.
In  covering  controversial  topics,  the  magazine will make every effort to provide balanced coverage and a  representative  mix  of  opinions,  although  its  starting point will be a respect for the institution and its values. 
Since,  despite  all  disclaimers,  the  magazine  may  be interpreted  in  courts  of  law  as  an  official  voice  of  the institution, when an article deals with a topic that is the  subject of real, pending, or probable litigation involving the  College,  the  editor  will  consult  with  legal  counsel before proceeding with publication. In such cases, the article will be published only if legal concerns can be met without damaging the journalistic integrity of the article in question.
Photographs  that  purport  to  depict  an  actual event should not be manipulated in any way other than cropping and correction for color, sharpness, brightness and  contrast.  Photographs  used  as  illustrations  of features are subject to greater manipulation, but should be labeled “Photo illustration” if they involve substantial alterations to the image that may not be obvious to the reader.
its people, its programs, its history, its challenges, its  resources  and  its  mission.  In  the  originality  of  its conception,  in  the  excellence  of  its  writing  and  visual presentation and in its commitment to accuracy, healthy discourse and editorial balance, the magazine endeavors to reflect the values and the quality of the institution itself. 
By  maintaining  the  respect  and  interest  of  its  readers, the magazine aspires ultimately to inform their opinion of the College and to strengthen their commitment to its welfare.
Once  again  I  would  like  to  express  my considerable appreciation to all authors of the articles in this issue. These contributions have required a generous contribution  of  time  and  effort.  It  is  this  willingness  to make  the  effort  to  share  knowledge,  concerns  and special  insights  with  the  LBP  community  at  large  that  has made this issue possible.
Dr.Ashok Yakkaldevi

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