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Polycarbonate Shutter Doors

Polycarbonate clear shutter Doors Panels link India

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The transparent links are manufactured of polycarbonate. A special anti-graffiti coating protects the surface of the material, preventing most scratches and making it easy to remove graffiti. Both polycarbonate and coating are UV stabilized.

 Dimensions: 300 x 108 mm Link weight: 150 grams

 Coupling tube

 The dimensions of the coupling tubes are 17x2 mm. The standard tube profiles used are of anodized aluminium.

 Stop cap

 The dimensions of the stop caps are 25x11 mm. Material: plastic. Curtain weight: 8.6 kg/m2

 Side view rolling shutter Assembly

The transparent rolling shutter is easy to assemble. A tested roll technique has been selected. The compact system can be installed in most existing structures.

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