Pipeline Defect Mapper

Cathodic Protection Equipment

Used for pipe line locating ACVG CAT survey coating faults pipeline current gps coordinates data recording

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The Pipeline Defect Mapper designed and developed in such a way to precisely locate and assist in evaluating coating defects of Cathodically Protected underground pipelines. The profile current to applied at any CP point for the measurements by rugged hand-held receiver. Results are in the form of graphs (plots) which can be viewed on receiver’s display /external data logger and GPS / or during post processing at office.
Standard Equipment:
Comprising of Receiver with colour display, internal rechargeable battery pack & alkaline dry battery holder, Signal Direction, Peak & Null Antenna with Graphic Arrows, Internal Data Logging (Min. 1000 Logs), Plot Generation & Viewing on Receiver’s display, Mains Charger, Soft carry bag, 150W Transmitter with Mains (230VAC) Lead, DC Lead, Direct connection Lead, Ground rod, A-Frame with connecting cable and soft carry bag, External GPS Receiver with Car Charger, English operating manual, Application Software for logs downloads from PDM Receiver and Supplier’s warranty certificate.
Receiver’s Features:
1.       Sleek, rugged and light-weight design
2.       Carbon fiber and ABS housing
3.       colour display
4.       Dual Core Processor
5.       dual power source i. e.  Alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries
6.       Data capturing and graphics facility for Locate, Locate Current (mA), Locate Depth and Voltage Gradient (ACVG)
7.       able to interface with third party analytical software such as Red Box, Tri-Global
8.       able to interface with external GPS/data logger survey devices
9.       Locate information recorded internally and able to export to external devices such GPS/Data Loggers through Bluetooth
10.   Data stored viewable on receiver’s display in the form of graphs for providing an ‘instant view’ of the current profile.
11.   USB interface to receiver operating software and accessories
12.   Pipe and Cable locating modes even while using A-Frame
13.   A-Frame for locating faults and for ACVG surveys
14.   ‘Signal Direction’ for positive line direction
15.   display ‘Continuous Real Time Distance from last survey point’ when GPS activated
16.   Locator receiver’s colour display  displays operating frequency, continuous battery checks, speaker volume, Bluetooth, GPS, depth, current, distance, signal direction, graphs, log number and signal strength in dB
17.   Transmitter have selectable input power options for 100-240V AC, 12-60V DC
18.   Transmitter output power 150 Watt
19.   multiple frequencies including 3Hz, 4Hz, 6Hz, 8Hz, 64Hz, 98Hz, 128Hz, 512Hz, 640Hz and Fault Finding Modulation
20.   able to transmit simultaneous multiple frequencies (selectable)
21.   Demonstration given by supplier at our site.
22.   Warranty: 12 months from the date of supply at consignee.





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