High Quality Tamarind Kernel Powder


Tamarind Kernel Powder 300-350mesh

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 We manufacture High quality tamarind kernel powder GRADE A passing through 300 – 350mesh, Tamarind seeds are derived from tamarind tree and tamarind seeds consist of 30% husk and 70% white kernel, which are further processed to make tamarind kernel powder. We manufacture tamarind kernel powder of different grades. 


Decorticated white tamarind kernel seeds



Printing gums

Textile sizing [jute and cotton] and paper printing Industry


Food processing (ice creams, bakery, sauces and all confectionaries)

Cosmetics Industry

Ply-wood and paper Industry

Mining Industry   

Multipurpose adhesive

Explosive Industry

Tobacco Industry

Used has Soil Stabilizer in oil and gas Industries


High viscosity and High filtration

Colour: Cream white to white

Mesh: 99% passes through 300mesh

           99% passes through 350mesh

Ash Content: 2% to 3%

Crude fibre: 1% to 2 %

Oil Content: 3% to 6%

Moisture Content: 5% to 6%

Fat: 6% to 8%

Viscosity: 6500% - 8000% cps at 25 Celsius in 4 % solution, Brookfield viscometer rvt

Ph Value: 6-7

Insoluble Residue: 0.75%

Odour: natural

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