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Metal Detector Hand Held-Super Scanner

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 Camex Enterprises -MD-3003B1 Hand Held Metal Detector Super Scanner Metal Detector Hand Held
Main Features:
1. Simple to use, with a holster for easy carrying.
2. It is commonly known as "Flat-plate" metal detector, large scanning area.
3. Battery Re-charging function: the choice of direct battery charge and cradle battery charge.
4. When the voltage becomes low, the LED light does not light up, but alarm with beep sound.
5. Dual alarm with sound & light and vibration.
6. In the specific needs of occasions can switch to the automatic reset function in order to achieve a pass small items.
7. Sensitivity: Users can adjust the level of sensitivity.
8.Power supply: 6F22ND 9V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery)
9.Alarm mode: sound (shock) and light alarm simultaneously

Technical specifications:
Detection sensitivity:2.0mm stell ball
Power consumption:220mW
Current:more than 50mA
Operation temperature:-10°C to 50°C
Net weight:409g
Dimensions: Length 41cmX8.5cmX4.5cm

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