Dining Card For Restaurants, Pubs And Bars In Delhi

Dining Card For Restaurants, Pubs And Bars In Delhi

Hurry!!! Avail discount up to 50% every time you go for dinner at your favourite restaurant in your area with your loved ones.

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Know How?
Itspossible marketing limited provides India’s best dining discount card, this Dining Card will fulfill all your expectations you generally have from a leading dining discount card. It is accepted at all major restaurants, popular food chains and hotels, pubs and bars in all the major cities of india which are Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. This Dining Card will get you a decent concession over your spending at an eatery. And surely, you will feel blessed while having our Dining Card in your wallet.
To become a fortunate subscriber of this discount card, all you need to be our member, Packed with 1 year full validity and unlimited usage facility, This incredible discount card can be used numerous times in a year at a restaurant or at an eatery, wherever it accepted. 
Visit www.privilegecard.in or Call us at 8588846983 for details.
We provide cards to Individual order as well as in whole-sale.

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