Boron Nitride Powder

Boron Nitride Powders for Thermally Conductive Ploymers

Boron Nitride Powders are used for Thermally Conductive Polymers.

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Momentive\'s CoolFX Hybrid Fillers are a new generation of materials designed to provide step-change improvements in cost and performance for thermal management applications. Designed to meet the needs of both OEMs and compounders, these hybrid fillers offer improved physical properties and easier processing with more consistent feeding versus traditional boron nitride fillers. Further, these new hybrid fillers can be a more cost-effective solution for thermal management applications because they can achieve high thermal conductivities at lower BN loadings. Compared with the base resins, compounds made from CoolFX hybrid fillers have faster in-mold cooling and hence can be molded on shorter cycles, yielding improved press utilization and consequently higher productivity.

Momentive will offer a broad portfolio of the Cool FX Hybrid Fillers to enable use in a wide range of resins in diverse advanced material applications. CoolFX Hybrid Filler grades can be considered for use to enhance thermal conductivity while providing electrical insulation. Potential end-use applications include LED lighting components, consumer electronic devices, aerospace and automotive cooling systems, motor and battery housings, temperature sensors, heat exchangers and more

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