An Ideal Tool To Optimise Costs Amidst Current Economic Gloom!

Camp Card Solution’S Smart Meal Card

1. Electronic meal voucher / canteen coupon system 2. Loyalty solution 3. Bus ticketing system 4. Toll collection System

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 A decade of rapid growth propelled tens of millions of Indians from poverty into a middle class that now numbers 200 million to 300 million, an extraordinary social transformation in a nation of 1.2 billion. But these days, the optimism that once inspired slogans such as "India Rising" is fading.

The economy is expected to grow by only 4%-5% this year, not enough to create the salaried jobs needed for the country\'s growing workforce. The rupee fell to a historic low against the dollar in August. Prices for staples have skyrocketed. India\'s economic woes have had significant effects on companies forcing them to cut costs wherever possible. Department heads in companies have been seen being given cost optimization targets in most companies to beat the current economic gloom forcing them to re-looking at every little items of expense that can contribute to the company’s overall cost optimization targets.

Camp Card’s Smart Meal Card is being adopted by more and more companies to monitor their canteen expense transparently. Some of the largest brands in India have realized savings ranging from 25% to 78% of their monthly canteen expense. Today, Camp Card’s Meal card is being used by companies across industry verticals like Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, Blue Star, NIIT Technologies, Kirloskar, Chennai Port, to name a few.

Moving away from traditional paper coupons on to a smart card for payments in company canteen helped us save significantly. We recovered our investments into the system in just 19 days while cutting canteen expense by over 40%”                                                says Mr. Suhas Dahale ex-Executive Vice President, Indian Seamless Metal Tubes.

“In current market scenario, using the Smart Meal Card helped us bring transparency and convenience in monitoring canteen expense without having to invest on significant CAPEX. We are overwhelmed by the savings realized                                                      says Mr. Pawar, Sr. Manager Admin,Tata Motors

Amidst the daily work pressure, canteen monitoring often relegates to the back burner. Using a Smart Meal Card to monitor canteen expense not only brings in savings but helps control IR issues in factories                                                                                     say Mr. Kumbhar, Head Admin and ER at Amtek

“Campcard’s Smart Meal Card is an ideal solution to provide meal allowance to your employees in a law compliant and hassle free manner. Their system strengthens the canteen infrastructure while motivating employees. Their system helps streamline canteen monitoring and audit while bringing in substantial savings to the company                                                                                                 say Mr. Darekar, Head HR, Legal and ER at Blue Star

The company has brought in un-matched features to adapt to any canteen setup. A rental model assures client of the best of our service levels at all times. We have also integrated our smart meal card with time and attendance systems of companies thereby eliminating the need to carry multiple cards and also doing away with separate ID card printing. With guaranteed turnaround time for printing and dispatch of new ID cum canteen cards, companies today are fast moving away from their traditional ID card printing setup and outsourcing the job to Camp Card. Our system is being welcomed by HR & Admin, auditors and finance professionals owing to the transparency and convenience it brings in for them to monitor canteen expenses that have been cumbersome so far.

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