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Unit 1: Web Dynpro Introduction 
Day 01 : Basic concepts behind Web Dynpro. 
Day 02 : Basic architecture of a Web Dynpro Component. 
Day 03: Exercise_Hello_World 
Unit 2: Web Dynpro Controllers 
Day 04: Understanding of the Model View Controller (MVC) design. 
Day 05: Understand the different kinds of Web Dynpro controllers and what 
              they are used for. 
Unit 3: The Context at Design Time 
Day 06: The structure of the context. 
Day 07: Context mapping. 
Day 08 : Exercise_Simple_Application. 
Unit 4: UI Elements 
Day 09: Introduction to UI elements & Context binding(Putting data on the screen ). 
Day 10: Controlling the behaviour of UI elements using context binding & Using a basic composite UI
Day 11: Exercise_UI_Elements & Exercise_UI_BAPI. 
Unit 5: Controller and Context Programming 
Day12: Understand the controller methods that are available to you for application
Day13: The Context API. 
Day14: Exercise_Default_Value. 
Day15: Exercise_Table . 
Day16: Exercise_BAPI. 
Unit 6: OTR and Messages 
Day17: Introduction to internationalization & Online Text Repository . 
Day18: Message handling 

Day19: Exercise_Messages. 
Day20: Exercise_Messages_OTR. 
Unit 7: Generic UI Services 
Day21: Value Selector. 
Day22: Exercise_Value_Selector. 
Day23: Value Help. 
Day24: Exercise_Object_Value_Selector. 
Unit 8: Dynamic Modifications at Runtime 
Day 25: Modifying the context structure at runtime & UI Element hierarchy at runtime 
Day 26: Use of dynamic actions. 
Unit 9: Component Usage 
Day27: Component Interface & External Mapping & Web Dynpro Component Usage 
Day28: Exercise_Component_Usage 
Unit 10:ALV for Web Dynpro. 
Day29: ALV integration in Web Dynpro & ALV Configuration Model. 
Day30: Exercise_ALV 
Unit 11:Portal Integration 
Day31: Web Dynpro integration into SAP Portal 
Unit 12:Interactive Forms 
Day33: Overview into Adobe integration
              Integration of Adobe Interactive forms with Webdynpro ABAP. 
Unit 13:Configuration 
Day34: Configuration & Customizing & Personalization 
Day35: Exercise_Configuration
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