PSA Accounting

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 Completely Codeless

No need of creating confusion and difficult-to-remember codes for your Items, Parties and other Masters. PSA identifies all these by their proper names. 
Fully Menu Driven
Self-explanatory single-screen main menu and intuitive sub-menus guide you through the complete package effortlessly. 
Multi-Company Accounting
Any no. of companies can be created in PSAccounting. 
Facility to create accounts books for Sales, Purchase and Journal. 
Running successfully at Photo Goods Suppliers, Seed & Fertilizers, Packing Material, Ice-Cream Parlor, Garment Showrooms, Manufacturing Companies, Gift & Card Showrooms, Dealers, Distributors, Spares Parts Soaps.
Highlight Features of PSAccounting:
Accounting Books :
Ledger Accounts, Cash or Bank Book, Journal Register, Sales Register and Book, Purchase Register and Book, Debit Note (Purchase Return) and Credit Note (Sales Return), Stock Summary, Inventory Ledger, Day Book (Vouchers). 
Critical Levels:
Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Reorder Level. 
VAT Report:
VAT-07: Purchase Register / Statement of Purchase against VAT Invoices (update as VAT-07 I),
VAT-08: Sales Summary (updated as VAT-08 I and VAT-08 II). 
Highlight Reports: 
Outstanding more than 6 months, Detail of Loan/Deposit, Related Party Disclosures, Expenses / Purchase Summary, Ledger Summary. 
Accounts Statements:
Daily Account Balance, Vertical and Horizontal Monthly Summary. 
Bill-by-Bill Detail:
Bill payable and receivable party wise and date wise. 
Item Production recipe, daily production. 
Other Features:
Interest Calculation, Standard Narration, Backup Facilities. 
Graphical Display: 
Transaction Wise Graph, Balance Wise Graph. 
List of Masters:
Accounts, Item, Manufacturer, Transport. 
Final Accounts in: 
Vertical and Horizontal Trial Balance, Account Group Summary, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet with fully annexure enclosure. 
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