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Solarmaxx Solar Energy Heater

Available in various capacity models, various variety, Quality design Solar Water Heaters from! SolarMaxx a cos

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 We are the wholesale supplier and manufacture of solar water heater, Pressurized Solar Water heater, in your areas. Further, the company Provides hotel, hostel, apartments, hospital and industrial water heating requirements.

Advantage of Solar Water Heater:

1.   SAVE thousands on electricity, gas, diesel or wood bills.
2.   Provide almost all of your hot water needs.
3.   Reduction tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.
4.   Find Hot Water all the time at higher temperature.
5.   Tremendously long-life.
6.   Maintenance-free.
7.   Environment-friendly.
8.   Small operating cost.
9.   Speedy pay-back-period.
10.  Affordable Prices.
11.  Get Electricity discount on domestic usage - State Government Rules Apply
12.  Obtain Tax Benefits on commercial usage.

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