Gpa 1000

Kts-Gpa 1000 - Version 2013

The GPA 1000 is a professionally built ground scann

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KTS-GPA 1000 - Version 2013

As a result of continuous research the new GPA 1000 electronic unit now is - due to transformation into microelectronic - installed in a small and solid box which is carried on an elbow-rest.

Maximum search performance: approx. 15 Meters. The GPA 1000 is a professionally built ground scanner, which is developed and produced in our company KTS-Elektronik in Germany.

With a maximum search performance of 15 meters the GPA 1000 outnumbers by far other gold and metal detectors with their obsolete technology and their limited search performance.

 The GPA 1000 with its outstanding search performance, high power sensors, microprocessor-controlled geomagnetic field balance and detailed analysis software stands for a search system, which is state-of-the-art.

Through precise measurements the advanced Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA) system will detect

 1. hidden objects, such as gold and precious metals, coins and items of historical  value,

2. size and shape of the objects

3. 2D and 3D presentation on display,

4. wireless data transfer on PC through Bluetooth®

Via 5-color-high-resolution graphic metals and cavities are identified on the screen.

Metal discrimination: The provided GOLD SCAN will identify and discriminatethemetals.

A perfect tool for the search after hidden treasures such as gold and precious metals, coins and items of historical value!

 The Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) is effortless to carry and easy to operate.

With its high search performance and the special 3D-system with 5 basic colors the new Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) is an indispensable high-tech device for all treasure hunters.

Hidden objects (and non-metal items) as well as hollow spaces have an influence on the ground balance.

The Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA) technology measures these changes precisely and show them with software support (developed by KTS-Electronic) in 3D-presentation on the monitor. The metals will appear in various colors.         

 The compact electronic unit in a high quality aluminum box and integrated digital display delivers details about status of accumulator as well as informations of compensation.

Without the necessity for settings the calibration is carried out by a microprocessor and will be performed automatically on every soil.

Adequate function is guaranteed by a built-in 2800 mAh lithium-ion accumulator which allows approx. 6-12 hours of operation. The provided quick charger can be fully recharged within 2-3 hours. For the connection to the cigarette lighter an external car recharger cable and a 110 Volt adapter are included.

 Technical data of the integrated PC:

1. Processor: Intel Atom N550 (1.5 GHz)

2. Display: 10,1" WSVGA (1024x600)

3. Memory: 1 GB RAM

4. Harddisc: 250 GB HDD

5. Equipment: LAN, WLAN, Cardreader, 3 x USB 2.0

6. Accu: Li-Ion, 4400 mAh

7. Dimensions: 262 (W) x 178 (D) x 36 (H) mm (9.8 x 7.68 x 1.42 ")

8. Weight: 1.4 kg

9. WIN 7 Starter


Universal probe:

The highly sensitive sensors originally have been developed for shipping.

With automatic calibration they measure lowest alterations.

The probe is carried with a special carbon telescopic pole which is easy to adjust. The horizontal probe measures 45cm in length and is with only 500 grams very light.    

Super probe:

The large 60cm probe has up to 30 % more performance than the 45cm probe.Before you start searching with the very effective super probe, it is recommendable to practice with the smaller probe at first.        

Metal discrimination

After the metal has been located with the Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) we can discriminate with the also available GOLD SCAN:

light metal approx.            20

copper approx.    40-60

gold approx.      100

 Search with Live mode

To mark the relevant sectors it is reasonable to scan large areas in the live mode at first so that afterwards controlling in the 3D-system is more precise.


The Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) has a newly developed 3D software. This model has 5 basic colors, so that lowest alterations will be displayed. The 3D software is preinstalled and can be transferred to other PCs via USB stick.

 The new 3D software with 5 basic colors  

The new 2D software with 5 basic colors  

In case of PC data loss our Engineering Department will forward the software by email, provided that the client presents serial and customer number. Each of the 3 software components are only functional in combination with our electronic unit and the serial number of the supplied PC. The 3D-representations and measuring data are transmittable to the enclosed USB stick and can be used for subsequent editing on other PCs.

 Scope of delivery

Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000)


1. GPA 1000 electronic unit with Bluetooth® incl. installed lithium-ion accu

2. universal probe 45 cm (17.72")

3. super probe 60 cm (23.62")

4. 2 part carbon telescopic pole with grab handle

5. Ultra mobile netbook (10,1") with KTS software and operation system incl. lithium-ion accu

6. Powerful quick-charger including 110V adapter

7. Transformer to charge in car

8. Solid hard-top case


1. Newly developed KTS-3D software with 5 basic colors (pre-installed on PC)

2. USB stick with software for processing data on other computers

GOLD SCAN accessory metal discrimination:

1. GOLD SCAN electronic unit with Bluetooth, incl. installed lithium-ion accu, bag and carrying strap

2. Powerful quick-charger (2800 mAh) including 110V adapter

3. 45 cm (17.72") Ø search coil (waterproof) with carbon telescope pole, grab handle


English, German, French or Spanish user\'s manual

2 years manufacturer\'s warranty for the entire scope of delivery (incl. hardware and software)

The high-quality hard-top-case with acurately fitting rigid foam and a large carrying bag will both guarantee the secure and easy transport of the equipment.

User\'s manual

Further information about the functionality of the Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA 1000) you may find in our detailed user\'s manual.


Mr.Ranga Babu,

Mobile: +91-9676369999.


Huda Colony, Saroornagar,

Hyderabad-35,   AP.  India.

Email: [email protected]


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