Bionic X4

Okm Bionic X4 Long Range Gold Detector

The Long Range is used to find buried objects at long distances. By using cross pinpointing the exact position of the located object can be determined.

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 The Bionic X4 gold long range detector has been developed especially for gold seekers, gold prospectors and treasure hunters, who are looking for gold at far distances. Unlike traditional long range detectors the Bionic X4 can be combined with an Android Smart Phone to visually locate gold targets.

The fully automated Bluetooth connection between the Smart Phone and Bionic X4 transfers scan data directly to the Smart Phone where the data is mapped to the display. So the treasure hunter is able to see the bearing, direction and image through the Smart Phone\\\'s camera and fix it for later analysis.

Detection methods for gold hunting

The supports two different detection methods to locate hidden gold treasures:

Ionic Detection Method (Ions-Chamber-System)

The Ionic Detection Method measures the ions radiation (ions absorbent) of buried gold objects. This detection method is only able to locate long time buried gold artefacts.

Bionic Detection Method (Bio-Energy-System)

During the detection of gold the Bionic Detection Method interacts with the Bio-Energy of the operator\\\'s body to analyze minimum changes of object substances. Thereby the Bionic X4 gold detector is able to locate almost all gold objects. Independent of the age of the gold, the Bio-Energy-System can be used to find freshly buried gold, long time buried gold as well as golden artefacts that are not buried.

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