Stretch Wrapping Machine


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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Now saving money on packaging becomes easier with FS400. FS400 converts 1m of stretch film to 5meter this is a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines with 30 wrapping programs, equipped with a 2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch system.

2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch unit
The motorized 2-Motor Power Pre-Stretch unit is easy to operate from the touch button control panel, realizing a pre-stretch between 10% and 400%. High pre-stretch reduces film consumption, enabling you to achieve the best results at the lowest possible costs with optimal pallet stabilization and product protection.

Even in case of extremely sharp pallet corners, the machine can be set up in such a way that also with an average quality of film it will not tear or brake. Thus ensuring optimum reliability in combination with economic benefits.

A brief list of the benefits
• options: pallet height 2.600 mm, turntable 1.800 mm
• space saving open turntable
• moving the machine
• low bottom wrapping at turntable level
• ultra-fast film change
• integrated easy to operate touch button control panel with security code lock
  and text display


– easy to operate and extremely flexible wrapping programs make this machine suitable for almost all pallet formats and loads imaginable;

– wrapping can even start at turntable level (automatically adjustable);

– thanks to the FROMM Ultra-Fast changing system, changing the film roll within several

seconds is a piece of cake.

– the 2-Motor pre-stretch unit makes it possible

to realize more than 400% pre-stretch.

(1 meter becomes 5 meters);

– by blocking these settings through a password, ensures that every type of pallet is wrapped in the most economical manner again and again;

– adjustable pallet foot program for extra fixation of goods on the pallet;

– adjustable banderol program for extra fixation of goods on different heights;

– low-maintenance machine with the usual high FROMM quality;

– the design fully complies with all current European quality

– soft start and soft stop in 0 position;

– audio signal at start of wrap cycle;

– adjustable bottom wraps;

– adjustable top wraps;

– photo-electric cell for automatic height detection;

– adjustable (frequency-controlled) turntable speed;

– adjustable (frequency-controlled) upward/ downward speed of the film carriage;

– adjustable (frequency-controlled) first/second pre-stretch motor;

– counter for number of wrapped pallets per program;

– counter for meters of used stretch film per program;



– pallet height 2.600mm;

– turntable 1.800mm;

– turntable 2.200mm;

– open turntable (horse shoe) 1.650mm;

– film cutting unit;

– top pressure plate;

– remote control;

– access ramp;

– access ramp for electric pallet truck;

– frame for submerged floor mounting;

– frequency transformer;

– photoelectric cell for black film



Standard technical specifications



Maximum pallet format

1.100 x 1.200mm for ø 1.650mm

1.250 x 1.250mm for ø 1.800mm

1.550 x 1.550mm for ø 2.200mm

Maximum pallet weight

2000 kg

Maximum pallet height


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