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 Star Stretch

Stretch Wrap Film (Star Stretch)

The higher the quality of the stretch-film, the lower the cost?

It sounds as a contradiction but it is really true. If applied with the correct machine “FS4xx series“, we can prove that “the higher the quality will be, the lower the cost  will be, for wrapping a pallet in stretch film. Generally speaking tearing of cheap films will occurred more oft and for sure you will have to use more meters of film, to wrap your pallets in order to have a good a stable quality of packaging. For everybody who would like to wrap his pallets in a cleaver way we can say. “Start to calculate your savings now”. 

FROMMSTARstretch Super High Performance stretch-film 37.52xx

This stretch film is a Super High Performance film. One side cling, based on raw material mettalocene we guarantee a minimum pre-stretch of 300%, an extreme high point resistance with optimal stabilization behaviors (if applied with the correct machine). 

  • Pre-stretch up to 350%
  • High memory values
  • Very high point resistance on sharp corners
  • If applied with the correct machine a very economical use

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