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  Descriptions: Lighting Operational Integrated with cutting, printing, processing system 
Print Size: 1"-12*18"(305*457mm) 
Exposure Engine Professional LDD Exposure system, PANDA LCD pixel(2048*1556) 
Light Source: Matrix LED parallel light 
Lens System: Parallel light lens 
Auto Mix-colors: Densitometer 
Resolution: 520DPI(8R) 
Monitor: 19 inch LCD(support 1280*1024) 
Printing Speed: Traditional: 800PCS/hour(4R) Double-faced: 200PCS(8R) 
Processing: Technique Ra-4 
Color Automatically correction 

Paper Supply: Double paper magazine, load and rewind automatically 
Lenghth Of Paper Supply 180 meters 
Slot: Interplaited Roller 
Running: Single in single out 
Paper Width: 89, 102, 127, 152, 203, 254, 305(mm) 
Photo Paper: General traditional photo paper, laser digital photo paper, double-faced print paper 

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