Grow your business &Get SMS at cheapest rate

SMS is a cheapest way to promote & grow your business,which can be give you a best market response

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benefit of SMS MARKETING
You can send SMS with Brand Name of your company.
There is no loss of your secured data, since administrative control is in your hand.
Our Gateway supports both GSM & CDMA network all across India.
Cost is same all across India.
No software require for sender to send it since this is a web application.
Automatically got saved in users mobile.
We will create or allocate an independent account from you can send SMS at your own.
You will get delivery report of each SMS from user end.
SMS system can be integrated to your company website even.
You can schedule your SMS date & time from your end only.
SMS marketing is one of the least expensive and most effective mediums to get Your message across. It can be used to:
Generate leads and prospects
Drive targeted traffic
Increase brand awareness
Enhance company image
Inform your target market
Manage customer relationship marketing
Communicate sales pitches
Customer management and communications
Up-sell and/or cross-sell
Customer loyalty retention
Advertising by SMS has an assured reach to each of the recipients since your message
  automatically got saved in user’s inbox.
As these SMS are sent in volumes, it gives you an opportunity to reach out to the masses in
  a short span of time.
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