Car And Desktop Air Purifier Cf-85

Crusaders Air Purifier

5 Stage purification System

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 Your car can be among the most polluted environments, a place where you spend hours breathing irritating, fatiguing air filled with smog, exhaust, pollen, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. Now, for the first time, you can thoroughly clean and freshen the air inside your car with the power of our multifunction air purifier for vehicle. 

Our sleek new device traps airborne pollutants on electro statically charged rings, removes charged particulates with negative ions, and neutralizes odors with freshening ozone. Cleaner, fresher air is silently circulated with ozone and, within a few minutes, you'll really notice a difference. You'll feel more comfortable and alerted and it contains fragrance box, surrounding you with lingering fragrance. Our multifunction air purifier for vehicle can easily rest on the dashboard or stick to the windshield.

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