Air Purifier Xj-3800-I

Crusaders Air Purifier

XJ-3800-I Ionic Air Purifier utilizes a super-sized plasma dust collector and HEPA filter in addition to its capability to produce a rich amount of negative ions and activated oxygen.

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 By using 7 layer filters, the unit can powerfully remove dust, odors and smokes lingering in the air, and effectively improve the air condition in the surrounding.

It can filter particulates as small as 0.1 micron at an effective rate of 99.97%.

The unit incorporates smoke and dust sensor that can automatically monitor indoor air condition. When allergens are detected, the unit responds to with a suitable purifying mode (Iow mode or medium mode) according to the amount of pollution.

As more air is purified, the sensor switches the unit back to Iow or silent mode accordingly.

The built-in UV germicidal device can destroy microbes, viruses, bacilli and any other bio-pollutants efficiently. It also prevents proliferation of microbes that are collected on plasma collector or HEPA filter.

Multiple-inlet design extends the coverage of purification. This purifier is also equipped with powerful fan motor that can circulate airflows at a rate of 3 M3/min.

Rapid circulation of indoor air condition shortens the purification process to a large extent.

The control panel utilizes soft touch buttons, along with five operation modes and an EIGHT-hour timer for an easy control of purification speed. It has a Remote control also equipped to operate it from a distance. 

Indicators on the panel show the work status of each function, fairly easy to understand and operate.


Automatic air quality control through odor and dust sensors.

Gigantic plasma dust collector that is easy to clean.

Multiple air intake vents effective in purification coverage.

Large flow rate rapidly purifies indoor air.

Five operation modes for easy control.

High-performance HEPA filter services last no less than one year.

Effective filtration of particulates as small as 0.1~0.3 micron.

Excellent dust collection rate of up to 99.97%.

Effectively remove dust, odors and smoke.

UV germicidal and TIO2 technology to suppress growth of micro-organisms.

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