Aluminium Skirtings

Aluminium skirtings 50 /75/100mm

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Delhi-based CPM Systems Pvt Ltd. supplies a range of high quality aluminium products for use in the fit-out of offices. In particular, ALLfit aluminium skirting products contain a number of features which can make an Installer's job much easier - and, therefore, more profitable.
Key Features:-
  • Range Available 50mm / 75mm/ 100mm wide.
  • No clamp marks mean that the full length of the product is available for use rather than having to cut off unsightly clamp marks.
  • Pre-drilled holes help to speed up installation.
  • Finishes include mill finish, anodized and powder coated which means that you will be able to suit any number of colour schemes
  • The grey rubber inserts and corner stakes allow you to further customize the look of the finished product.

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