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Fresh air units

fresh air units and exhaust blower units are designed and manufactured, considering the most significant of the factors affecting the qualify of indoor air. The units are designed for rigid, compact construction and quiet operation.  
range: 3000 cfm to 60000 cfm
frame: extruded aluminium / g. I. Frame with 3d corners
blowers: statically and dynamically balanced, didw, centrigugal, imported  
filters: synthetic, washable
single skin: 18 swg, pre- coated sheet. 
double skin: 24 swg skins . 


·                     hotel kitchens

·                     restaurants

·                     factories

·                     paint booths

·                     hospitals

·                     clean rooms

·                     chemical industries

·                     automobile workshops

·                     pharmaceutical plants

·                     bakeries & biscuit factories

·                     food processing industries

·                     godowns & warehouses etc.

air fresh air units and exhaust blower units find extensive applications in commercial kitchens, and are used ln conjunction with each other.  



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