Baheda Seed Oil 100%

Baheda Oil100%

ayurvedic and cosmetic seed oil

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 he Behada tree have medicinal qualities and uses in Ayurvedicpathy to removes all the three doshas. Its use is said to be most effective on kapha and beneficial for eyes & eye diseases, increases hair, cures soreness of throat, nose problems, purifies blood, throat diseases, cough, heart disease, and destroys germs. In case of stomach disorders it is unique beneficial over other medicines to strengthen the stomach. The fruit pulp heals boil on eyelid. Behada fruit's skin is beneficial in case of Anemia, Jaundice and white "Lep" rosy. The seeds Behada fruit are bitter, quench thirst, control vomiting, remove vata and cures bronchitis. The skin of the fruits cures kapha and it is especially effective in case of throat and respiratory problem. Its seeds reduce pain and swelling, but excess quantity causes vomiting. Baheda cure disorders of rasa, blood and fat along with voice disruption, kapha, and pitta. Baheda is laxative, mild, hot and beneficial in case of voice disruption, destroys germs, eye diseases and removes kapha.

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