Rubber Bands Making Plant

Semi Automatic Rubber Bands Making Plant

latest technology on making Natural latex RUBBER BANDS.

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RUBBER BANDS, which has a sales of more than 3,30,000tons per year( 2006 records ), and rising.Indian orgin Latex rubber bands are more in demand compared to extruded rubber bands( done mostly in western countries), because of their quality.  But no one has yet made any automation in this field, and still they follow old method of dipping and drying( which is a very slow and labor intensive work). We have designed a new SEMI AUTOMATED RUBBER BANDS MAKING PLANT.

              For the first time in India we have designed and engaged in the production of a cheap and cost effective Semi Automatic  RUBBER BAND  manufacturing plant with 500kg capacity per day (NYLON, SILKY, ORDINARY, FLUORESCENT, DOUBLE COLOR) could be manufactured in a single plant. Also helps in lower labor cost and low cost of production. Compounding technology is consulted with professionals for best quality in strength and elasticity. The plant could also be upgraded for more production depending on the clients requirement.

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