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Create a Visual CV using Hullojobs resume builder, attract attention of recruiters with our free resume templates. Get Resume Format recommended by experts.

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Hullo Jobs brings you a great way to speed up your job search and make an impression on recruiters. Revamp your professional CV with a Visual Resume (VR) to attract more attention from recruiters, stand out and be selected for the next round in the recruitment process. Make your resume appealing with an infographic resume format – for greater visibility with recruiters, leading to better chances to get a job. There are numerous benefits of a Visual Resume - the layout is easy-to-read, data is presented chronologically and applicants can choose an appropriate format according to their experience level. Hullo Jobs offers Profile Card along with digital/physical form of Resume in the package. To avail, signup or register and go paperless by replacing traditional resumes with a QR code based resume, which displays your relevant data anytime, any place! Register and bring a dynamic change to your job search

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