Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic Cylinder

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Pneumatic cylinder represents a large family of pneumatic products. Pneumatic cylinder is also called pneumatic actuator or air cylinder. Pneumatic actuator is mainly categorized as linear actuator or rotary actuator. Gripper is also an actuator. In normal pneumatic cylinder the piston rod moves in and out to effect movement of any weight or object. In case of rotary actuator the rotation is caused due to rack and pinion or vane function. However another type of air cylinder which is known as rodless cylinder has no piston rod. These rodless cylinders could be either mechanically couples or magnetically coupled.

Air cylinder has many variations depending upon the application. Some of them are guide cylinder, compact air cylinder, lock cylinder, low friction cylinder, tie rod cylinder, profile cylinder, ISO cylinder, clamp cylinder, three position cylinder, telescopic cylinder etc. Compact cylinders are widely used in fixtures where mounting space is a constraint. These compact cylinders are manufactured by most of the pneumatic products manufacturers including SMC, FESTO, CKD, JANATICS, COMOZZI, PNEUMAX, PARKER, SPAC, NORGREN and Others. Most of the pneumatic products suppliers including pneumatic products dealers or traders do keep stock of these pneumatic cylinders to meet immediate demand from their customers.

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