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Electric actuator is to provide the linear and rotary movement. As the name suggest actuation is provided with the help of electric motor. Electric actuator motor could be servo, stepper, and induction. The motion control of electric actuator can be done by the controller or through the PLC. Electric actuator is being used by many industries in various applications to get the precise and accurate movement which is not possible with pneumatic actuators.

SMC and FESTO are the two electric actuator suppliers and have the product range which is mainly used in the small load application. Power supply could be 24V DC and 220V AC as per the application load requirement .These electrical actuator could be Rod type (In line motor type and motor parallel type), Slide type (Ball screw drive and belt drive), Guide rod slider type, Slide table type, Electric grippers (Two finger type, Three finger type, Adaptive shape and T slot gripper). Controller used to drive these actuator can be categorized in to step data input type for servo and stepper motor, programless type and then in AC servo motor incremental and absolute type. They can be communicated though profibus, device net, CC link, Ethernet I/P.

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