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The liver is a vital organ in the human body. It is the largest glandular organ performing many functions required to sustain life. The liver is placed in the right upper quadrant, just below the diaphragm, in the abdominal cavity. It is located above the intestine, kidney, and stomach. We cannot feel the liver from outside due to the protection provided to the liver by the lower ribs of the rib cage.

What Is The Shape And Structure Of The Liver?

The shape of the liver is like a wedge or cone, with a reddish-brown color. Liver of adult healthy person weighs about 1 kg to 1.5 kg depending upon the overall body structure. It is considered as the heaviest internal organ and largest gland with a width of about 15 cm. The cells of the liver are known as hepatocytes.

There are two lobes of the liver. These are known as the right lobe and left lobe. The lobes are made of many lobules connected to small ducts. These small ducts drain into a larger duct which forms a common hepatic duct.

The liver is distinctly supplied with blood through two different arteries. Hepatic artery carries the oxygenated blood to the liver while hepatic portal artery carries nutrient-rich blood to the liver. The hepatic vein carries the blood from the liver

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