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Afluex is a leading software development company that specialing in ERP software and website development. It is a complete list of ERP software startups in Lucknow, India and surrounding areas. Learn How We Can Help You.

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Afluex ERP Software Company is a leading software development Solution in Lucknow, India. Afluex enabled several companies across numerous business verticals to transform themselves from operational in non-integrated environments with scattered islands of information, into integrated, agile and powerful global corporations wherein the entire operations are managed from a single location.

Afluex Multiservices LLP provider is not just multi-everything (multi-location, multi-company, multi-lingual,...) but is also completely Device Agnostic and SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud) enabled. Moreover, Afluex ERP Software Systems has user-defined workflows, is completely dashboard driven and has a great, easy to use UI (User Interface), thereby taking the operational efficiency of an enterprise to a different level altogether. Supported across the globe directly by its creator, Eastern Software Systems, the Afluex Software system is a highly configurable ERP Software Solution and ensures rapid Return on Investment due to quick implementations and roll-outs.

Our Software Company helps to organize, automatize and contemporize business processes for enhancing Sales and marketing. it is suitable and easy to use for any enterprise, with advanced features. As the best software company, our goal is to achieve maximum utility of its resources, Easy Process, Cost Savings, and Employee Delight. As Top ERP Vendors in India, known for best in customized ERP Software companies, we are catering to Our Clients across the globe.

As any business scales up and expands its scope of operations, the previous workflows and procedures are found insufficient to deal with the sophistication. Although the most prominent causes of bottlenecks are resource constraints and the wrong approach, another critical factor hampering productivity in contemporary organizations is ineffective software alternatives. The majority of the inheritance alternatives serve a slim purpose and readily approach breakdown once extensibility requested of them. In such a situation, it's time for the business to precede to ERP software Company system and enhance the flow of knowledge throughout the organization.

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Right ERP Software Company!
  •  Advanced and ever-evolving solutions
  •  Solutions easy to infuse in the organizational structure
  •  Maxim utilization of resources
  •  Business intelligence with the Easy process
  •  Applicable to all the departments of a business
Custom ERP Software Features
“Key features that we cater to are”
  •  Web-Based Order Entry and Consignment Tracking
  •  Advanced Rights Management
  •  Automatic Tour Planning
  •  Graphical Transport Planning
  •  Intermodal Transportation

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