Ginger Extract

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Spice Drops gives you the sharp and spicy notes of ginger in a way that will transform your cooking style in the kitchen. Enjoy the freshness of ginger and its light spiciness with the Spice Drop Ginger extract. Raw ginger spice can be difficult to work with. Peeling, cleaning and chopping can be time consuming, not to forget how storing it in refrigerator just contorts its appearance and flavour.
But with Spice Drop Ginger extract you can give your culinary preparations a fresh gingery appeal, without the hassles of using the raw spice. Just use the dropper that comes with the package to add a few drops of the extract to a multitude of dishes, be it sweet or savoury, and even to drinks like tea or lemonade for a fresh infusion on ginger. The versatility of the extract is truly astonishing.