New technology Bulldozer for Sale

New technology Bulldozer for Sale

Daya Charan & company, is one of the most seasoned and greatest proprietor of bulldozer machines. Sales of new technology Bulldozers in India.

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Buy new bulldozers at competitive prices along with impeccable after sales services. Purchase bulldozer attachments to receive maximum output with minimum input resulting in high productivity. Bulldozers ranging from 20 ton to 45 ton in weight capable of working in one of the toughest conditions are the best fit to be purchased in such rates.

Main configuration:

Torque converter.
power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.
Steering clutch - The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch.
Braking clutch - The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulic, meshed type.
Final drive - The final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism, splash lubrication.
Features : Cummins Engine, ROPS & Ac cabin, Joystick control, Led Lights.

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