Vision laser cutting in sublimated sportswear

Laser cut sublimated fabric

Laser-cut sublimated fabric

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Laser-cut sublimated fabric

Laser cutting sublimation printed fabric

Contour cut, laser cutting dye sublimated fabric

It's time to start adopting a more efficient solution in your bespoke sublimated jersey manufacturing!

You can achieve:

ü  Save workflow – save at least 2 processes

ü  Save 60% labor

ü  Save 35% loss - transfer paper / printing time / fabric

ü  Save 10% printing ink

ü  Improve productivity – 8 hours, 600sets

ü  Control delivery time – 1-week delivery


If your peers and competitors have adopted the most efficient cutting method, by 1 set laser cutting system, they can produce 600 sets of sublimated jersey per day and can produce 18,000 sets per month.

Using laser-cut sublimated jersey every day;

You can deliver every day;

You can get more market share every day.

You can have new profit growth every day.


Don’t you want to try it?

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