Amul Shrikhand Elachi

Amul Shrikhand 200g Elachi

-Patuerized milk used -Low fat content -Elaichi flavoured -No preservatives added

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  • Amul is the leading brand in India for its food products and the beverage products and is known for high quality milk and milk products

Amul Shrikhand

  • The Amul Elaichi Shrikhand is what the hot and fresh puris in the house call out for. Rich and creamy this thickly textured sweet goodness is a favourite for all the occasions and across ages.
  • The net content of the pack is 200gm

Nutrient content

  • Enriched with protein and calcium
  • The dairy based product is made with quality ingredients which makes it a great choice for dessert
  • Elaichi improves digestion and relieves acidity
  • The product is pasteurized before packing to ensure freedom from bacteria causing diseases

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