Glue gun 40 Watt

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Electric Glue Gun is ready to take your creativity to the next level. This Hot Glue Gun is Multipurpose and can be used by everyone. It comes with 20 free 197 mm long Transparent Glue Sticks, just insert the Glue Sticks, and get ready to create something artistic. It’s a Perfect for Home Repair, Hobbies, Arts & Craft Work and also suitable for Sealing and Joining with Hot-Melt Type Adhesive. It Comes With a Pointed Nozzle & Heat Guard for Better Safety. 

How to Use: - It’s Very Simple and Easy to Use.
1. Unbox the Glue Gun.
2. Load the Glue Sticks from the backside of the Glue Gun.
3. Plug-in the Glue Gun Chord in the Power Outlet.
4. Wait for 2-3 min. Let it heat.
5. Remove the Heat Guard and you are ready to go, use it the way you wish.
6. Pull the trigger to let the glue flow, and release the trigger to stop the glue from flowing.
7. Use the holder to keep it study on a table or a surface while not using.