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About Familiarization with ArcGIS Pro Training Course:

The main aim of this course is to equip the learners to compose maps of their AOI, Create, Geo-process and Analyze spatial data using ArcGIS Pro. The course attempts to explain the techniques and standards for the distribution of geographical data, concepts of coordinates, projection system and so on. The practical sessions concentrate on the process for creating & managing spatial/non-spatial data, digitization essentials, digital conversion of old paper-based Revenue/Cadastral maps through geo-referencing, creating routes and point features using GPS files and ETS/DGPS field survey data, etc. in ArcGIS Pro. This learning eventually will enable participants to efficiently learn, test and apply the techniques in their respective domains. Through the continuous practical assessments and instructor guidance, the course also ensures that the participants would be able to produce GIS maps for their own needs afterward.

Market Demand:

4 facts about the growing Indian Geospatial Market that reflects the growth scenario: Geospatial Media

  • $ 4 billion > Over all size of Indian Geospatial Industry
  • 12-15% > Cumulative Annual growth rate of Indian Geospatial Industry