Women Merchants Trade Show Amrita Haat

For the economic reorganization of self-help groups, the women's empowerment department will organize a  Divison-level Amrita Haat in the Gramin Haat located in the Jainarayan Vyas Colony, Bikaner from 24th to 28th November.
A meeting was held in the Collectorate Auditorium on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner Anil Gupta. Gupta said that the aim of organizing the hats is to provide a platform to women self-help groups in the areas. About 1 stall stall will be available in five-day Amrita Haat. In addition to the division, women from women self-help groups from different districts of the state can be able to sell their products. Every day cultural events, rewards, seminars etc. will be organized in the fair.

Sales happen in millions

Megha Ratan, Assistant Director of Women's Empowerment Department in the meeting said that two Amrita haat fairs have been organized on divisional headquarters till now. In the year 2015, 11 lakhs and the sale of 23 lakh rupees of the products in the fair held in 2017.